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Thread: Experiences with Cesium Chloride- good or bad

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    Lost message

    Somebody sent personal message. All I got was notice but no message. Try again.

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    Way to go Lizzie!

    Hi Ben,

    I am so GLAD to hear about Lizzie! That's fantastic. Does she have b-cell or t-cell lymphoma? By Buddy has T-cell. As you know I started him on Cesium/Potassium/DMSO on jan. 8th -- and he showed a little improvement after 4 days. But after 10 days he was getting sicker -- my advisor told me to take him off for a few days. I did, then re-started. But he just kept getting sicker. I don't know why -- but he's been fighting this for 6 months now, far longer than any vets believed he could possibly survive. Maybe he's too far along. Otr maybe he has so much cancer now the cesium is killing it too quickly and releasing too many toxins. My advisor suggested it may be too alkaline for Buddy at thi stage and to try to get him stronger and eating on his own again before resuming.
    The good news is that "secret product" a greenish coloured oil that arrived in the mail from an undisclosed loctaion (everything is so top secret in the cancer underground -- guess it has to be) has got my boy drinking and eating on his own again. A little bit anyway -- I'm hoping it will contiue to help.
    But the news about Lizzie has me encouraged. If I can get our Bud back to some semblance of health, I'll try again. At least Lizzie's story has me thinking "Hey - Buddy has 14 days worth of cesium in him -- maybe it's doing some good even at this stage". Thanks for the update Ben.
    (PS -- tried the cyproheptadine -- can't say if it helped with his appetite -- but he did at least siff around food while on that. )
    Kamloops,BC Canada

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    Ben, I deleted your last message. When you start giving out dosage information, you have gone too far. You are not a doctor and any dosage instructions should come from one.
    Long-term cancer survivor
    1992 Astrocytoma grade 2, left motor strip
    2005 Recurrence this time said to be an Oligodendroglioma grade 3, same location.
    My Story Part 1: http://cancerforums.net/viewtopic.php?t=2528
    My Story Part 2: http://cancerforums.net/viewtopic.php?p=7350
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    Cesium and dogs

    Well, it seems that I can't say how much we are using and I have read of high dosages causing problems from killing of too many cancerous cells too fast for the body to absorb so -- if you like, write us and we can discuss this further. We use commercially prepared solutions.

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    Update on Cesium DMSO Protocol Tests Results

    I just want to update everyone on the latest results that I have received from test taken January 9th. Results show another 12 percent drop in my cancer. Total drop of cancer in my body is now about 24 percent from my first test. I will do another test around Feb 9th (about one month between tests). I feel good and even better to be beating the cancer. My diet is still in the very good range keeping my PH up. I am looking forward to an ever greater drop the next test as the body is building up and the Cesium momentum continues.
    Keep the Faith and Go With Hope,

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    CC appears to be fairly legitimate. But after all there are a bunch of different cancer treatments. People respond to medicine differently. It may not work for everyone.

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    Cesium Chloride and canine stage 5 lymphoma

    Our Doberman with stage five lymphoma was declared in remission and no visible or tested signs of cancer three months after the start of chemo and concurrent cesium chloride/potassium treatment. We stopped the cesium (but continued on with potassium low dose) and continued the chemo protocol for another five weeks to the end ~ 24 weeks from diagnosis. She was declared cancer free. Three days after the last chemo treatment and exam, a lump appeared behind jaw. Phone call to doctor and he was sure it wasn't cancer (we started anti-biotic) but when he checked two weeks later and had biopsy done, it turned out it was cancer of unknown type. No signs of swollen/enlarged lymph nodes. The elapsed time from discovery of lump and lab results of biopsy was three weeks.
    On the day we got the results, the lump had suddenly become severely enlarged (not just fluid) and become so painful that she couldn't open mouth wide to eat and only walked carefully with head down. Immediately after getting results, we put her on three doses a day of cesium/potassium - each of same amount that was given twice a day during the chemo - a 50% increase. Two days later, trotting around and could open mouth a enough to eat without demonstrated pain. Three days later, running and playing almost normally. A week later, totally normal behavior and the lump was almost back to pre-diagnosis size. No evidence of swollen lymph nodes. At ten days, better yet. Now measuring it with caliper for what that is worth, to try to quantify change.
    We are going to augment the cesium/potassium with LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) a prescription drug which has been shown to boost immune system and help treat cancer (and a variety of other diseases) and decrease tumor size. {link deleted by Admin} Virtually no side effects from the LDN.
    We are extremely optimistic. We suspect that we may have created problems by our original stopping of the cesium/potassium during the chemo because we got optimistic. "Oh, she's in remission, we don't need it anymore". We should have followed normal protocol.

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    I would like to thank whoever started this particular discussion about Cesium. My 11 year old sheltie got diagnosed with Lymphoma all over his abdomen and live and I was on the fence with regards to what alternative treatment to use with him. I narrowed it down to two. I was hoping to find a site with people's/animal's experiences with Cesium but had a hard time finding one, and then last night I stumbled upon this forum. I am going to order it today and start him on it as soon as I get it. Thank you!

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    that's very good news. I hope soon people and our doctors will be more open to alternative therapies given some of these things have been around for thousands of years.

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    A status report on Lizzie - the Doberman with lymphoma. Until about four days ago, all was proceeding well except for a nasty diarrhea that started just over a week ago. Unrelated to that as far as we can see, I was informed that a doctor doing work with LDN advises dosages in excess of human dosing base on weight when treating dogs. Apparently a function of higher metabolism so we increased that (just after the diarrhea started).
    Since adding the LDN to Lizzie's treatment, her tumor/lump when measured externally (for whatever validity that might have) has decreased in size by about 50%. All was very good until about three days ago when sudden total loss of appetite. Maybe partly the result of her being in heat. Onward to the feeding battle.


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