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Thread: Confused after PSA of 12 and cancer showing

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    Confused after PSA of 12 and cancer showing

    Hi everyone ! I am new to this forum and new to prostate cancer. I am 57 yrs old and received a PSA of 12. A biopsy was done and the specialist informed me that I show cancer in all ares of my prostate. He did not feel that removal of the prostate was necessary feeling radiation treatment would suffice.. I recently had a bone scan and thankfully there was no trace of cancer. I had a 3 week fishing trip planned for some time and the Doctor told me to go ahead and have fun since radiation is not available for at least another month. This kind of freaks me out knowing the that cancer is still there and likely spreading!! He also said that removal of the prostate would be difficult since I had a pacemaker and even my regular Doctor was puzzeled by this reasoning. By the way I am Canadian and numerous people have said he is one of the best in the province for dealing with this problen. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks, Dave

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    Hi Dave,

    First of all, I'm sorry for your news. But sounds like they/and you are on top of things. I don't have an knowlegment in this type of Cancer, But just wanted to say , thinking of you. I'm sure very quickly someone here will reply with more advice.

    Stay positive and go and enjoy your trip. Hope it's only the small ones that get away.

    Thinking of you Inica

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    Hi Dave,

    I am very sorry about your diagnosis! I hope we can help you. Like your regular doctor, I am puzzled by this decision as well. Do you remember what grade or stage the pathologist said it was? I have to assume that it is a very low grade cancer or the doctor would take more aggressive actions... and certainly not send you off on a 3 week fishing trip!

    Having a pacemaker does complicate your surgical options but it should not totally delete that as an option. Did your doctor get a cardiologist to consult in your case?

    I will be thinking and praying for you. Keep us informed.
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    Hello. My name is Bruce Kopitz. I am 57 years old. I began experiencing rising PSA in the mid-1990's. Biopsies were unable to confirm cancer, so watchful waiting was recommended. However, it is generally believed that prostate cancer escapes the sheath when it's analogue, the PSA number, rises above 10. My number was approaching 10, so I became very uncomfortable.

    I researched options. I didn't want the "Gold Standard" of that time, or prostatectomy, because of the many recorded instances of incontinence, sexual incapacitation and recurrence of cancer. Radiation, at the time, seemed like a Pyrhic exercise. I began using an herbal product called PC-Spes (Spes is Latin for hope). My PSA dropped to below 2 and stayed there. The product was quite expensive, which was a burden, but it worked, and UNLIKE HORMONE THERAPIES, YOU NEVER - REPEAT NEVER - BECOME REFRACTIVE. You may have read a posting here by someone, Steve I believe is his name. He calls PC-Spes a fraud, apparently without ever taking it. Number One, it worked. Number two, it WAS contaminated, with trace amounts of naturally occurring Warfarin (an FDA controlled substance). Steve claims that the contaminants were the reason it worked. If so, I say take it BECAUSE of the contaminants! However, Warfarin is a blood thinner and has no PSA-reducing potential. Warfarin was NOT the reason PC Spes worked. It worked because the herbal complex (which, interestingly, was originally developed by court herbalists for the last Mandarin emperor in China) ENABLES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM TO RECOGNIZE CANCER CELLS, AND TO KILL THEM (apostosis). The effect can be startling. Painful metastatic bone sites are rapidly and progressively debulked and absorbed by the body. Cancer everywhere EXCEPT INSIDE THE PROSTATE is destroyed. Inside the prostate, according to the best research on these herbs, the cancer enters into a remission or very slow apoptosis.

    The bad news is that the FDA, upon discovery of the Warfarin contaminant, required the immediate withdrawal of PC-Spes from the marketplace (consigning hundreds, if not thousands, of men to their deaths). The GOOD NEWS IS THAT PROSTASOL FROM DR DONSBACK IS A SUPERIOR SUCCESSOR! I know for a variety of anecdotal reasons, aside from available statistics. I used it, before and after my successful 22-hour brachytherapy (my PSA is now .2 five years out). My brother drove his 11 PSA down to 1 (then took wide-beam radiation). My father is on it now. An acquaintance named Bob had a PSA of 512 and was becoming refractory to chemotherapy. After one month on Prostasol, his PSA was 212. By the second month his blood count increased to almost normal, forestalling additional transfusions. Both steroid and Procrit therapy were discontinued because they were no longer needed. One of the distributors for the product, Paul, had a recurrence of his cancer after a radical prostatectomy 22 years ago. He began with PC-Spes, then graduated to Prostasol. His PSA now - 22 years later - is .1. Note - there are several different formulations of Prostasol, including a European with which I have no experience. I have used, and know dozens of men who have used, Doctor Donsback's Prostasol. You may email me for sources to purchase from.

    My prayers are with you!

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    Thanks Bruce for taking the time to address my problems, much appreciated. I have taken a copy of your response and will persue further. Dave

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    dave and his prostate cancer diagnosis

    Dave - it would be good to know how you handled your problem. I had mine treated with a new form of brachytherapy. I received a spinal, then had 16 long flexible needles inserted into the space between my legs, just under the testicles. I didn't feel a thing, due to the anesthetic. The needles very exactly cross-sectioned my prostate. Then, over the next 22 hours, the PROSTATE ONLY was exposed to a tiny speck of radioactive iridium. This is a photon-emitting isotope, which is good for short-range, close-in work only. A robot ran the speck in and out of each needle, for a total exposure of ONLY 4 HOURS. The robot kept the iridium away from my bladder, colon, etc, minimizing all side effects. After 22 hours, the needles were removed and the spinal discontinued. I sat on a cotton pad for 1 hour until the bleeding stopped, WHICH IT DID WITHOUT A SINGLE STITCH. I felt so good when I left the hospital, I went to the gym for a light workout! My only traumatic experience was a massive blast of diarrhea about 36 hours later (not uncommon), which I prevented from recurring with over-the-counter Imodium (took it for a week to be safe). This procedure is available from Dr Martinez, radiation oncologist (the developer) who is associated with the Beaumont Hospital system in SE lower Michigan. Again, my prayers are with you. Bruce

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    Dave - I forgot this part

    Dave - forgot to mention that my PSA is .2 now 5 years out from receiving the procedure I described above. You should also know that my father, who is 84, is on Prostasol for a slow-growing prostate cancer. Since beginning the regime, his PSA dropped to below-normal levels (for his age) and no symptoms. We do not anticipate any further treatment for him. If you do agree to a prostatectomy (I hope you don't), then remember Prostasol, because it is your best defense against death if prostate cancer returns after your procedure. Bruce

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    Thanks bruce for your input and concern.

    I am a patient at the Cross Cancer Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta and they are recognized as one of the best in not only Canada but in North America. My wife had stage 4 coln cancer and a seperate cancer tumour in her breast and after chemo and radiation she was told they didnt need to see her again. That was 7 years ago!
    The doctor at the Cross has recommended outside radiation after my hormone treatments which wind up in a couple of weeks. At the present time I think it wise that I proceed on schedule.

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    to dave

    Dave - you should consider taking Prostasol during and after your radiation. There is a body of evidence that the herbs in Prostasol work synergistically with most cancer treatment regimes (except chemo) to improve outcomes. I obtained permission from my oncologist to take the herbs during and after treatment, and have reason to believe they enhanced the effects of my treatment. I don't think your oncologist will object, either. Remember - the herbs work by enabling your immune system to recognize and terminate cancer cells, especially outside the prostate sheath. Consider it a form of insurance - a way to terminate as many cancer cells as possible.


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    OK Bruce I will discuss this matter with my Doctor on my next visit. I agree with you that anything that will help my existing situation has to be tried. Once again THANKS. Dave


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