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Thread: Re admitted to hospital

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    Re admitted to hospital

    You are right David,

    Its not an easy weeks for us, just a couple days discharged from hospital, my father developed fever and chills again, I run him to the hospital again for admission, blood culture procedure just done too. I was wondering, the blood culture result will show nothing again.

    I dont know if CTscan can cause so many problem to my father, all these problem came after the CTscan procedure.

    Stomach swelling also not yet back to normal, what should I do? D
    Aug 2016 - Father (62) dx stage 3 PC confirmed by EUS + Biopsy
    Sep 2016 - PET/CT result showed there is another lung nodule on the scan , Biopsy the lung nodule, it was other primary cancer
    Oct 2016 - Whipple cancelled , confirmed spread to liver, process with Triple Bypass
    Nov 2016 to Dec 2017 - Start Gem + Abrax 3 weeks ON 1 week OFF
    Jan 2017 - PET/CT clear, showed nothing ( chemo break for lung infection treatment )
    Feb 2017 to March 2017 - Finished the 4th cycle of the treatments and scheduled the PET/CT scan ( result show no more hypermetabolic activity lesions were seen in pancreas, liver, and lung )
    End of April 2017 - Finished the 6th cycle , scheduled for the PET/CT on May 2017
    May 2017 - PET/CT show pancreas and liver no hypermetabolic activity but there was a nodule on the right lung which is NSLC , same position from the 1st PET/CT , Dr suggested RT / SBRT
    June 2017 - IMRT , 20x 55gy doses to the right lung

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    Radiation treatment can also have some delayed adverse effects. There are short term and delayed adverse effects. Most people don't associate the later effects with the radiation treatment because it comes on much later. Perhaps a note to the radiation oncologist about what he's experiencing?

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    Was this the first time blood cultures were done? My sister has been very ill since her second chemo and was diagnosed finally with typhlis, a rare infection. It did not present as a bacteria usually does; however, it was completely in her bloodstream. Be sure the cultures are done and you get complete information on the results. I will be thinking of you.
    Sister diagnosed 6/20/17 DX stage 3 pan can (adenocarcinoma) @ 69 unresectable
    2nd and 3rd opinions at Duke and Levine Institute
    Chemo 7/7/17, 7/21/17 UNC at Chapel Hill

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    Thanks David & Hinson,

    My father case is really complicated, when he was in hospital, the antibiotic they gave him, can control his fever, so 1 week at hospital, he didnt has any fever except for the 1st day, but back home only 2 days, the fever came back.

    2nd re admitted to hospital also same, the fever gone once they put my father on IV antibiotic but now with the different one.

    The white blood counts was at the normal range, so the doctor did not suspect the infection, the blood culture has been done twice, the first time they didnt find anything, the second one still need another view days to know the result.

    Today my father stools come out with blood, not the black color but the blood red color, but only once, and still they didnt suspect for the infection.

    What kind of infection can cause stools have blood ?

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    Update :

    My father blood culture finally came with the what we expect, if not mistaken, the report was:


    Supposedly my father can discharged today, and doctor will give him oral antibiotic, but since the report for the blood culture said that there was bacteria infection in the blood, then we agreed to cancel the discharged and treated him with IV antibiotic instead of oral.

    The lab still trying to find out what kind of bacteria type in the gram negative bacili family, once they know it, and test the suitable antibiotic, they will direct change the antibiotic.


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