I am new to this group and excited to have found it! I am hoping to get some more information from others with the same diagnosis. I am 55 years old and was still having periods through this March 2017. NO menopasue sympostoms, no hot flashes, modd swings etc. Then missed 2 months and then started bleeding heavily (always have had heavy ones) June 29th anddidnt stop until my D&C. I knew something was different. HAa an ultrasound which found that I needed a D&C, hysteroscopy, biopsy. My uterine lining was 28 mm and my great OB/GYN said it should be 2-10 mm. She felt I had a polyp but wouldnt know until the D&C. Had D&C 12 days ago and had my check up last Friday. I am so glad that she found the source of my bleeding--a polyp ( and that I healed great from the procedure. ) I was told at that appt I have endometrial adenocarcinoma in situ-very early and has most likely not invade the muscle of the uterus. Dr said I will NOT need chemo and that a full hysterectomy was in order. She didn't want me to wait more than 2 months. I have an appt in 9 days with a gyno oncologist to figure out the next step. I was very emotional when I found out and it took a couple days to get my head around the surgery, going into surgical menopause and losing my lady parts. I have always wanted to go through menopasue naturally. I am now on 10 mg of provera to decrease the growth of the endometrial lining and will be on this until surgery, I am VERY active, do not smoke/drink, eat a plant based diet and workout every day. I have never been on any meds or birth control, no other medical conditions, nor have I had any children (adopted I need to get my head around taking this med & being "still" for 6 weeks..YUCK! So not me! I was told I could walk...not running or pickleball but I will walk as much as I am allowed. I am VERY grateful for so many things! As emotional as I am feeling I do know that this is treatable and curable (well ,for now I do) and that I didn't do anything to cause this. I really wanted to know what I DID to cause this....my Dr said this type of cancer is due to hormone changes. I still wonder if I coud have prevented it. I will focus on getting even STRONGER emotionally and physiclaly and beeven more in tune with what I eat until surgery so I can be as strong as ever and bounce back quickly. Each day since finding out I feel more postiive. I have cleared my plate of a few obligations so I can focus on my health and stay as stress free as possible---which is fine with me so I can play more pickleball! I have a super supportive hubby and he will be with me every step ofthe way. Wow--so much to be thankful for. I would like to know what others have done who have been diagnosed with the same. My Dr said she believes it is stage 1 but we won't know until I see the oncologist and have surgery. So...here are my questions---is this diagnosis the same as uterine cancer? What, if any, difference is there between uterine and endometrial cancer? Why do I have to have EVERYTHING taken out--even cervix? (tubes, ovaries, uterus, cervix) IS it due to my age? Is there any chance I could keep at least 1 ovary?? (I asked DR and she said no) Is it 100% that I will go into full blown menopause after surgery or is there a chance I could enter it quietly and peacefully without anyone knowing? (lol...just kidding!) Has anyone been on provera 10mg for this? My Dr said it is well tolerated. In the days I have been on it I am fine. I feel GREAT after the D&C and have stopped bleeding. I know I will love not having heavy periods anymore, not being anemic, bleeding heavily with no notice etc. but I am still anxious about this type of surgery. She did indicate I would not be a candidate for vaginal hysterectomy due to the fact that my lymph nodes will be tested and may have to be removed. It will be done laproscopicallly or with the "robot" if I ma candidate?? Any info on anything I have posted would be great. Again--I am feeling very strong and positive and will NOT worry about WHAT IF's. I can only go with what has happened so far and when something new comes my way I will deal with it. I am so grateful for the gift of life...even moreso now than ever! Sorry this is so long and thanks to all for reading my story.