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Thread: Concerned about caregiver

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    Marian thanks for sharing your experience and I applaud you for being there for your family under such difficult circumstances. It must have been very difficult for you for such a long period. We only have a certain amount of 'gas in our tank'.

    I know if it comes to it, he will go to counseling because he went to my sessions when I was combating a bout of deep depression. I did note that he does not have any outward symptoms when I am 'back to my old self'. I had been trying to 'hide' what was going on at first so as not to cause any problems, but have come to understand that this doesn't help anyone. We will have a frank discussion with our GP on September 25.

    After reflection of last few months, I realized that perhaps the discussion we had about which joint-survivor pension payment to take may have been what 'pushed him overy the edge'. I am hoping that the final diagnosis on Sep 22nd will provide the concrete steps to put things into perspective.

    I'll let you know how things work out and thanks for everyone's support and listening.
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    I was having a very frank discussion with my hubby because of his digestive issues. He noted that perhaps his belly is out of sorts was due to a week long camping trip he has been planning for last couple of months. Now that it is around the corner we thought that if his 'symptoms' disappear that it could have been the anxiety of the trip. Got my fingers crossed that is the case. Of course it may also be him worried about leaving me all alone so soon after surgery, but I assured him that my sister will be around to support while he was gone.
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    So far so good. Where I do believe some of my husband's issues were related to my circumstance, it does appear that the majority of the symptoms were related to his camping trip as he has been doing really well ever since. He had an awesome trip even though it rained half the time. I think it was really good for him to get away and think about himself for a change. Also I am stronger now after the surgery and when hubby came back it must have been a welcome surprise to see that I'm slowly returning to normal. I did thank him for being my caregiver and realized the amount of extra responsibility he has on his shoulders and he was surprised to be called a 'caregiver'. He never really looked at it that way before. I'm sure there will be 'ups and downs', but right now I am not worried about my caregiver. We are in a good place.
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