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Thread: C Diff after Whipple

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    C Diff after Whipple

    My husband had his Whipple on 7/17/17 and while in the hospital he had a bout of diarrhea after they started feeding him with the feeding tube. They did a c diff test and it came back positive and said that since the diarrhea stopped after they stopped the feeding he was a colonized but not actively infected. I then went to see the gastro the other day and showed him the test results from the hospital. He asked about Pete's bowel issues and we explained that he was taking 6 immodiums a day and still has loose stools. He did another test and Pete's diarrhea picked up in intensity so he is now being treated for c diff with Flagyl. The Flagyl is now making him nauseous and giving him stomach cramps. He is having a hard time eating so I assume he will lose more weight. I will call the doctors on Monday but has this happened to anyone else? I can't imagine that he can afford to lose more weight. Oh his feeding tube fell out last weekend and they didn't put it back in in the ER. Any thoughts?
    9/16-68 year old husband diagnosed with Stage 3 unresectable pancreatic cancer
    9/16-12/16- Folfirinox 6 rounds of treatment
    12/16-CT scan, no signs of disease and normal tumor markers
    1/17-2/17- IMRT radiation 28 treatments with Xeloda
    3/17- CT scan, no signs of disease and normal tumor markers
    5/17- CT scan, no signs of disease
    7/31/17- Pathology report: "No residual tumor, complete response to treatment, grade 0. T0N0M0. NED
    8/17-CA 19-9 254
    10/17-CA 19-9 537
    11/14/17- CT scan mets to the liver-3
    11/17-Started Gemzar/Abraxane
    12/17-1/18-Hospitalized for pneumonia and bilateral pleural effusions, chest tubes placed. Needed 2 units of blood due to low hemoglobin
    2/18- Ca 19-9 went down from 4611 to 158
    3/18-CT scan, 2 liver lesions shrunk and one is gone
    3/11/18-fractured femoral neck
    3/14/18-pleurx catheter placed in right lung to drain pleural effusion
    3/15/18-hemiorthoplasty to repair left hip fracture

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    C-diff is not that common, but there are enough Whipple survivors that there are several with that experience. Flagyl is a strong antibiotic and will be destroying the good gut bacteria along with the bad. He should be taking it with food to reduce the chances of nausea.

    I'm drawing most of the following observations from Medscape articles on the subject and from a review of Facebook's closed Whipple Surgery Survivors Group.

    Clostridium Difficile Colitis
    5 Important Developments in C difficile Management

    Sufferer's Tip: Only use a single toilet at home. Once over the infection, disinfect well with bleach - inside and out.
    Sufferer's Tip: If suffering C-diff in the hospital, demand to move to another room. The source may be in that room (or the nurse practices).
    Sufferer's Tip: Only a fecal transplant fixed the problem (getting back some good gut bacteria)
    Sufferer's Tip: Follow up with probiotics (to rebuild good gut bacteria)

    Once you've had C-Diff, you're much more likely to have a recurrence.
    BRCA2 3398del5
    Dec 2010 - back/abd pain
    May 2011 - Unresectable stage III, 2.5cm tumor
    Jun-Aug 2011 - Gem/Cis, 9 rounds
    Oct-Nov 2011 - Radiation+Xeloda, 25 days in 5 weeks
    Oct 2011-Sep 2012 - shrinking tumor
    Feb 2012 - National Familial Pancreatic Study
    Aug 2012 - Downgraded to stage IIA, PGP
    Sep 2012 - Whipple, T3N0M0, 0.5cm tumor, 0/16 lymph nodes
    Dec 2012 - Quebec PanCan Study
    Sep 2012-May 2018 - NED
    Mar 2013-present - NCT01088789


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