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Thread: Survivors With An Attitude

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    Survivors With An Attitude

    The Devil whispered in my ear, "your not strong enough to withstand the storm". Today i whispered in the Devils ear, "I am the storm"

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    Well, for a cancer survivor that can be a good attitude to have, at least in some aspects. I see that this isn't something that was original, but the attitude still counts. Sometime my chemo week weighs me down a bit, and if I have a project where I can work myself into exhaustion it goes off and hides in the corner. If you look in the inspirational forum you'll see a chemo T-shirt I made up, and there's some other stuff too. If you find a place where you can do volunteer work and wind up making the people you see feel better than they did before you showed up, you're damn close to immortal.
    05/6/16 pre-op physical for surgery show low WBC & RBC
    5/22/16 [Birthday] Results of BM biopsy: AML 25% blasts with inv t(3:3) mutation, HIGH risk
    5/30/16 Undergo 3+7 chemo, but it doesn't touch AML, infections nearly kill me. Blasts 65%
    7/04/16 Diagnosis now Refractory AML. [:tombstone:]Six cycles of azacitidine, 21 shots over 7 days w/ 1.5" needle into gut + below navel.
    11/05/16 Move to NOLA - Infusion center 4 minutes away. 15 shots for 5 days with 5/8" 25 ga. needle Huge increase in quality of life.
    12/28/16 BMB shows blasts 12%
    4/16/17 BMB shows CD34 16%, cycles dropped to 4 weeks
    7/20/17 Diagnosis changed to "indolent leukemia", aka MDS
    7/27/17 BMB shows CD34 17%
    8/15/17 Venclexta chemo in PILL form added Onc estimates survival time now 2 - 4 YEARS.
    10/26/17 BMB results show 17/20 metaphases with inv(3:3) mutation-low blood cell counts - transfusions ineffective
    12/4/17 Diagnosis: Uncontrolled refractory AML


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