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Thread: Nanoknife at stage IV

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    Question Nanoknife at stage IV

    Dear all:

    I have already posted these questions on another forum but I am posting them here as well because I value the opinions of you on this forum very much! We are considering to do nanoknife laparoscopically and appreciate your help and advice on a nanoknife procedure that we are offered.

    My husband has been approved by Dr. Leen in England for the nanoknife (laparoscopically) procedure . He also has metastases on his liver and Dr. Leen has suggested microwave ablation procedure for the liver metastases. Dr. Leen will ablate the whole tumor on the pancreas. My first question is what are the cons/risks associated with ablation of the whole tumor? Why other physicians (e.g., Dr. Martin) do not consider this procedure for the patients that do not want to have an open surgery?

    My other question is that Dr. Vogl (of Germany) has recommended chemoembolization for the metastases on the liver. Based on your experience what method is better for liver metastases? or basically which one is less damaging to the liver especially if one wants to continue the chemo right after?

    I also appreciate if you know any practitioner in the USA that offers the same procedure when metastases are present.

    Thanks so much in advance,

    PS-1: I have contacted Dr. Martin and I have not heard back from him and it has been more a week already
    PS-2: laparoscopic procedure is preferred because we want to be able to continue the systemic chemo right after

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    I spoke to Dr Martins nurse and she said if the tumors are no localized they will not do the procedure.

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    you mean won't do it if there are mets?
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    Gina, you could check with the Facebook group, Nanoknife Warriors Group (I think that's the name). The admin there has been in contact with Dr. Martin several times and their members should have experience with doctors that perform the procedure around the world.

    I've heard of some doctors not doing any metastases, and others that will do three or less. I'm sure that there are limitations each will set that are unique. There is no 'approved' treatment using nanoknife yet, where they've studied the specific circumstances that will help most patients.

    However, there are dangers to shopping around for doctors to do what patients want done. You run the risk of getting doctors that are in it for money more than to help. Or they're interested in notariety. You have to judge whether their focus is on what's best for you or them.

    I might liken it to surgeons that want to do a Whipple just so they can cross it off on their bucket list. It would be their first, and possibly only Whipple patient. A Whipple is considered a very difficult surgery and would make an impressive item on the resume. Patient outcomes done make it onto too many resumes.
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