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Thread: She was just diagnosed

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    She was just diagnosed

    Hello all. This is my first post here. My partner, who is 57, was just diagnosed with endometrial cancer today. We don't know yet if it was type 1 or 2, and don't know the stage. As a matter of fact, we don't know a great deal more than we know. All we have is the biopsy results which came in a phone call from the doctor. She is supposed to be contacted for an appointment with an oncologist very shortly.

    I decided to join here before the answers start unfolding and a bunch of new questions come at us. I'm hoping to learn a lot more about the disease, and how I can support her through whatever comes in the future. We have been through a lot in our 15 years together, but nothing like what today has been like.

    I've already read through a bunch of threads and can tell this is a good place for support. Whoever started this place has my thanks.

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    You have come to a good place, a soft place to fall. I don't know anything about this type of cancer but others will be along. God bless......
    His fight is over. How brave he was. 47 years of love.

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    Hello HerPartner

    I am sorry you for the reasons why you had to come looking for support in the first place. This is a very supportive place.

    May I suggest that you start writing down any questions you have now for the oncologist. I used a coil scribbler so that way I would not lose any pages. I also left plenty of room in between each question to write the answers down.

    Don't worry you will have time to ask the drs questions as there are usually a few appointments before treatments start.

    We also will do our best to help in any way we can. We are also really good listeners. Do take care of each other and let us know how thing go ok?

    Wife to husband with squamous lung cancer stage 3 b
    dx - April 20/14
    tx started May 20/14 - radiation and chemo
    June 23 - chemo finished
    June 24 - tumor 1/3 the original size
    July 4 - radiation finished
    July 8 - PET scan shows tumor almost gone, lymph nodes back to normal
    Married July 19/14
    Sept 9/14 - repeat can shows tumor continues to shrink more, no new spots. New coughing and pain due to chest infection or side effect of radiation.
    Sept 19/14 - not infection but pneumonitis, place on dex for 4 weeks
    Oct 22/14 - now off of dex and facing even more symptoms of withdrawal
    Dec 16/14 - pretty much nothing left but a scar
    April 7/15 - ditto scan and screw you stats
    Oct 6/15 - more scarring but still cancer still gone
    Feb 2016 -scan the same
    Aug 2016 - more of the same
    Aug 2017 - and ditto

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    Hi! I was diagnosed on Aug 18th--Im 55 and was shocked as well. Since then I have met with my gyno oncologist and am having surgery tomorrow. It is amazing how much I have changed in the last month. I am more grateful, take more time to smell the roses and enjoy the little things in life that used to bug the crap out of me.
    I will be getting a full hysterectomy and as much as I didn't want that I have embraced it. This morning, I thanked my ovaries for all their years of service and wished all my lady parts well during the biopsies! lol I had 2 days of testing last week and so far everything has come back good. One hurdle down. Next hurdle is to get a great report after the surgery..meaning no cancer in the muscle or lymph nodes--in that case I will not need any treatment afterwards. My Dr just called me to say that the 2nd opinion results were the same but she feels it has been caught early. She was pleased with my tests results from last week. (bloodwork, CATSCAN, xrays etc) Of course we won't know anything more until after surgery. My focus a month ago was so different than what it is today---your partner will get through this and I will too. Post if you have any questions or just need to vent. I just joined this forum and everyone has been to helpful!


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