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Thread: Mom was diagnosed August 2016.

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    Mom was diagnosed August 2016.

    I was a regular lurker, but decided to share my story (a brief one)...
    My mom was diagnosed in August 2016 with stage 4 adenocarcinoma Pancan. The Doctor was great at delivering the message by using the term "this is a real son-of-a-b#@$&", but was really good at making sure that we knew the options and left us with you have 6 months to a year, but not multiple years outlook. Mom had made some goals to meet; Christmas, a vacation with all the family, Birthdays, etc. The oncology center she went to was really good with her care and the Doctor and nurses there were outstanding. She started on the Gemzar+Abraxine treatment and was successful to get her to Christmas and a vacation to the Carribean! After her return to treatment, as she had stopped for a few weeks so she would be strong for the vacation, her 19-9 tumor marker started going up and they switched to the Florfinox and another chemo to continue the battle. This was working until about a month ago, when the tumor marker started to rise again. After a CT scan to see why the increase, the bad news of increased tumor size on her pancreas and liver, and new ones on her lungs, came her decision to stop the chemo treatment. We supported her decision and are thankful for the length of time that we were afforded with her due to the treatment regimen that she endured.

    I have to tell all, the information that everyone has shared to this site was what kept my wife and I hopeful, but grounded, and kept us informed of the course we were on with mom. I was disapointed with other family members that wished for alternative treatments and didn't want to accept my suggestion to check out the PanCan forum to get informed about the road we were on. Everyone's stories here and your information was what kept us really in the loop with the treatments and chemo combinations that are out there, and were able to help us understand what questions we needed to ask the doctor.

    Since ending her chemo treatments, she is now getting regular Hospice nurse visits and visits from her new Hospice care team. We know the end is nearing, and we are thankful for the 13 months we have had. Thank you to the PanCan Forum, and the people that share the stories.

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    Thanks, your message means a lot to us!

    I think most of us have encountered family members that want to go for the alternative treatments. I guess the thought is, "what do we have to lose?". But I think that those offering (selling) alternative treatments are leeching off of the hopes of patients and families, emptying pockets to enrich themselves.

    "Don't mourn her death, celebrate her life"
    It sounds to me like you've been celebrating with her.
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