I was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cell carcinoma in October 2014, I've been on Votrient since 1/15/15. Yes I have all the normal side effects of the drug but when your stage 4 you have to push through the effects. I'm 3 years in to this cancer and finding life more difficult, not only the cancer but the rules that organization's and the government impose on you. My only income is social security because I'm to weak to work and even with a minimal amount of money the government and organizations say my income limits me to the amount of help I can receive. I still have bills to pay doctor appointments to go to and medication to pay for but I'm finding myself getting further and further in dept. I don't understand why people cant help one another without limits and restrictions. There is no overtime to earn more money and I've sold all that I can sell, but yet bills go up, economy goes up. I don't know what is tougher fighting the cancer or just trying to survive the new rules of life............ Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?