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Thread: Diffuse HCC

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    Lightbulb Diffuse HCC

    Hi All,

    I'm just looking for information that any of you may have regarding Diffuse HCC. His diagnosis was Hep C, Cirrhosis and Diffuse HCC. The treatments thus have been ridding him of the Hep C, several Chemo Embolizations and Radioablation, Nexavar and as of last week Y90. He was removed from the transplant list last year, he has good days and bad days. I'm just not totally clear on what this will mean as far as prognosis. I would appreciate any and all input.
    Thank you

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    UPDATE..... Even though I received no reply's, I just wanted to update in case anyone in the future runs across this post and it can help. After Paul (45 years old) received Y90, he began to deteriorate. It began with slowing down and then slight confusion on and off, it did however bring his tumor markers down from over 172,000 to slightly below 16,000. Over the course of a month or so the confusion became more and more, he became more lethargic and nauseated. We have had several trips to the ER and a couple of hospital stays since then. His Ammonia levels became extremely high and was the main cause of the encephalopathy, he has had a few rounds of lactulose to bring down the ammonia levels and became more lucid for about a week. Now(a week and a half later)he is in renal failure, he was placed on home hospice with a few days, possibly weeks to live and the encephalopathy has caused him to become fearful and believe that family and friends are trying to kill him. Due to this he has become a bit combative and I don't want him so spend the last bit of time we have with him being afraid; I made a tough decision to revoke hospice and back to the ER we went. He is at this moment in the ER with an NG tube in place so that he can receive lactulose in hopes of bringing his ammonia back down and having him be somewhat more lucid......just so we can tell him how much he is loved.

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    Iím so sorry to hear about this rapid decline. My uncle is in hospice care with days left and my dad, who also has HCC, has had such a hard time. So much like Looking into A crystal ball. Please keep us updated on his progress in the ER. Iím so very sorry for what youíre all going through.



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