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Thread: Alternatives to Opioids?

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    If it feels like joint pain, I swear by turmeric. It's just as strong as prescription strength meloxicam (a prescription anti-inflammatory). For me, it's worked better than anything doctors tried to prescribe to me for joint pain. CBD oil has helped people with nausea and pain in general. It doesn't work for some, but it's helped a lot of people. I used to vape it and use it topically in coconut oil, but I'm waiting to see my oncologist again before I use it again to get the thumbs up from him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddessert View Post
    With the "opioid epidemic" in the USA news so much this year, I am wondering what are the pain management alternatives?

    I listen to opioid addiction experts in these news stories that say the only role for opioids is:
    a) for a few days after surgery
    b) stage 4 terminal cancer patients

    That has left me wondering what the alternatives are for all the others with chronic pain conditions. The only plan I hear from these experts is to wean everyone off these pain medications and they will all feel better.
    I think that attitude is a little bit extreme.

    My mum has chronic pain in her knees mainly, so she takes tylenol and feels it helps her. The problem with Tylenol is that it is very toxic to the liver. Once you get not too far over the therapeutic dose, it become very toxic and will kill you dead.

    But that indicates why opioid is now epidemic. I'm 62, and when I was young man, people could and did abuse opioids like percocet and vikes. The difference is that a percocet is a combination of opioids and acetaminophen. If someone was abusing the percocet, and taking more than suggested, they would be taking a toxic dose of acetaminophen and their liver would likely give out before they got to a real high dose of opioid.

    Oxycontin changed that by making much larger doses of opioids usable in pill form for people to get loaded and really get addicted.

    When a friend of mine got myeloma, they gave her morphine back in the day. I don't know what the advantage of an opioid is to morphine, but those drugs weren't given unless someone was as sick as my friend.
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    This is a great topic. Wish I'd seen it months ago.

    I was in a lot of pain when first diagnosed. I was given morphine in the hospital.

    I was offered "whatever I wanted" when discharged. I ended up with a prescription for Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen. It cut the pain, but made my stomach hurt so bad that it wasn't worth it.

    Then I saw a pain management dr. that prescribed Fentanyl patches. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid and addictive, so it's no better than the other stuff they like to prescribe for pain.

    After a few rounds of chemo and also taking CBD oil and Tumeric capsules (the kind combined with black pepper), my pain decreased substantially. My dr. helped me taper down the Fentanyl dose to the lowest dose made (in patches).

    And now, I'm off the Fentanyl completely. But that was not fun. The withdrawal was rough. The dr. gave me Lucemyra to help get through withdrawal. And all it did was make me sleep.

    I have a prescription now for Tramadol to take as needed, but I haven't needed it much. I'm continuing with the CBD oil and Tumeric capsules and chemo, of course.

    I don't know that there is a good answer for the pain med vs opiate issue, but I think seeing a pain management doctor is a good thing to do.

    If your stomach can tolerate it, Ibuprofen is usually good at cutting pain. Sometimes just taking the edge off is all you need. The rest of it is mental - do something to get your mind off the pain.
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    Glad to see the CA 19-9 numbers decreasing !



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