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Thread: MRI Or CT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sma View Post
    What is the different between MRI to Bone Scan
    To check for metastasis from Prostate Cancer?
    What is better?
    Hi Sma! You ask a great question and have received great feedback from The Forum.

    2 Points about MRI vs CT:

    1) MRI has superior resolution (must remain perfectly still during imaging!)

    2) MRI has NO ionizing radiation.

    CT scans deliver fairly high doses of radiation. For example, an abdominal CT delivers approx 400 X the dose of a single abdominal X-Ray.

    Healthcare workers are allowed an annual maximum radiation exposure of 50 mSv/year. An abdominal CT scan delivers about 10 mSv. The patient who undergoes multiple CT scans in a single year can easily exceed the annual maximum safe radiation dose.

    I hope your husband is doing well and you are closer to reaching a treatment decision and treatment plan with your MDs.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by john4803 View Post
    Was wondering if there is a 100% guarantee that with Radiation of the Prostate, no cancer can continue to grow and eventually leave the Prostate? As with removal of the Prostate, there should be a 100% guarantee that no cancer will grow and leave it.
    In short, NO... With cancer, there are no guarantees of anything, period. Not even 50%.
    2012: PSA=4, DRE's negative
    2014: PSA=9, TRUS biopsy negative
    2015: PSA 12, 2016: PSA 25, changed Uro
    2016: MRI fusion biopsy, tumor right base, 4/16 cores (2-100%+2-40%) all G8 (4+4)
    DaVinci RP, neg SM, 11 LN-, 53g, 25% involved, PNI, 6mm EPE, BL SVI, pT3B n0m0

    Jan 2017: started 18 months Lupron ADT, uPSA's ~.03
    May 2017: AMS800 implanted, revised 5/30
    Aug 2017: 39 tx (70 Gy) RapidArc IGIMRT
    Jan 2018: PSA 0.00 Now just watch trend over next 12 months

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobLee View Post
    In short, NO... With cancer, there are no guarantees of anything, period. Not even 50%.
    Rob, thanks!

    My point is that with Prostate removal no more cancer will grow in it and possibly escape. Of course, any that escaped before it's removal can continue to grow!

    Whereas, by leaving it in and radiating, it still can be a source of growth, because as you say, there is no 100% chance.
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    GS 4+4=8 (88%)|GS 4+3=7 (66%)|GS 4+4=8 (6%)|PIN
    GS 4+4=8 (87%)|GS 4+4=8 (70%)|GS 3+4=7 (9%)|GS 4+4=8 (4%)|
    GS 4+3=7(90%)|GS 3+4=7(79%)|SUSP.|BENIGH
    NUC Whole Body Scan/CT Urogram 8/29. (-)
    Prolaris result 9/11 T2b, 3.8/10, 10yr Mort Risk: 23.5%, Metast Risk: 29.6%.
    Consult 9/11 Recom BT/RT/RALP
    Consult RALP 10/12
    MRI 3T - Ca in gland?
    RALP 11/15
    FINAL PATH 11/16
    T3b, GS 9.
    70G, Pc 40%
    Pelvic lymph Nodes 3/7 +
    Margins + tumor involve (apex, bilateral, prostatic urethra, bilateral, bladder neck)
    SV's + PNi +
    Periprostatic tissue -
    Lupron (6 mo. 45mg)/(Casodex 50mg)7/21
    RO Mtg 10/6
    Axumin Scan 1/2/18 NEGATIVE
    RO Mtg 1/9/18 RT plan
    Gold Markers 1/31/18
    Simulation 2/6/18


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