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Thread: If you need someone to talk to?

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    If you need someone to talk to?

    Hi Guys,

    If anyone out there needs some moral or emotional support feel free to reach out to me. Im not a professional counsellor or anything, just a guy that knows whats it like to get diagnosed (Kidney Cancer, Stage 2 CC RC Carcinoma) and come out the other side.

    Lots of Love!
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    Hello and welcome to our forum. While this particular sub forum here is not very active, we do have a few that may appreciate support from someone like yourself.

    I did remove your link per forum policy but may be allowed after one month of membership. This policy is outlined below which i copied and pasted from our Policy and Rules for all new members:

    Policy for Links

    New members are permitted to link to their personal blog as well as links to reputable cancer sites. The links will either be allowed or disallowed at a Moderator's, Supermoderator's or Administrator's discretion. All links will be checked until proven after one month's membership that the new member is legitimate.

    Again, welcome to our forum.



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