At the age of 27 I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis - after three attacks I opted for a sigmoid resection. Life was good for almost 20 years.

Between 9/11 recovery and family history, something went wrong.

At the age of 46, I had severe pains under my rib cage. I went to the dr since I was going on a cruise and didn't want to get sick on the ship. Doc admitted me that night for immediate observation and scheduled a colonoscopy for the next morning. Suffering from PTSD didn't help. As I prepped the night before in the hospital, I was taken for a CT scan as well.

The next morning I awoke to the news that I had a mass in my large intestine. That evening, yes evening, I was brought in for my scope. As I awoke in recovery, the POS GI doc walked to me and said, "You have cancer, you will be losing your colon, sorry." He then walked out, and I subsequently found out later that he said the same thing to my wife, walked away, and she fainted.

In 48 hours I was cut open and had "the" cancer removed and was resectioned bu a WONDERFUL surgeon.

I had complications following the surgery near my heart. Apparently, I developed a yeast infection near my heart - I was readmitted and had tubes placed in me, but I recovered. Doc said I made it through the cancer, but the infection almost killed me.

I went through 12 rounds of Folfox as a "Clean up" since I was diagnosed with Stage 2A.

Ever since I have been going to a new GI, and EVERY year I have had scopes. In 2014 after the scope the GI told me he pulled a poly out that looked cancerous. For a week I had a break down until the biopsy came back. Well, last week I had my annual scope - and there it was - doc said it didn't look right, and that the can has recurred in the intestine. I suffered from UC as a result of the resection of the colon and developed proctitis, so I didn't think much of my constipation and bleeding here and there - I treat with Mesalamine enemas, and I'm usually good to go.

But this time he was pretty confident. My PTSD kicked into full gear. That was last Thursday. Well, the biopsy came back yesterday - NEGATIVE!!!!!! I get ugly polyps and lesions, but that's probably;y because my intestines are in slightly better shape than a NYC Subway Tunnel.

My point is - don't lose hope, even when you receive the words you shake when you hear - I have been going through this for years now - and I would like to help those out there with words of experience, not words of medicine or speculation that you get on the internet. Ask me questions and use my experience. We are human, so by nature, we are pessimistic optimists!