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Thread: Supplementary Motor Area Syndrome

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    Supplementary Motor Area Syndrome

    My wife has this after left frontal resection last Thursday. She is struggling physically, emotionally, and cognitively. We expect her to be moved to an inpatient rehab tomorrow. Anyone been through this? Her soeech seems the most frustrating aspect to her. I would really like some opinions on what to expect, when to expect it, and any advice on getting her, and us, through this as best as possible.

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    I never heard of it before, but googled it, and the NIH says it is temporary. They didn't even qualify the word "temporary" by saying "usually" or anything like that. They did say it can last weeks or months, though, so it's probably important for her to know now that it's something that she will get past, so that she doesn't become distraught.

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    Since you're such a wealth of knowledge, any advice on re-introducing mom and baby? My concern is my best friend, not as much our princess. Mom already has severe emtions due to speech deficits. I fear taking the baby, where she can't handle her alone because of right side weakness, and seeing her leave, may do more harm than good. It just doesn't end for her. She wants her so bad, but I worry it may cause her problems.

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    This isn't something I know anything about, but if she wants to see the baby, maybe you should take her if the hospital regulations allow it?

    (Some hospitals don't allow any visitors at all under age 14.)

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    Seeing each other will be good for both of them. Far better than continued separation. Especially for the baby, bonding is so important.
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    Agreed. Just wasn't sure best ways but we're going tonight. The rehab is great. They put her in basically a small apartment, which is cool.


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