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    Results Help

    Can anyone on here read my results for me? I was told that I was all clear a couple moths ago, then I get a letter stating I need a mamo annual, I just received a call from my nurse, I missed the call. I called her back and left a message. I am freaking out a bit. Here are my results:

    F No flow immunophenotypic evidence of a lymphoproliferative disorder (see comments).
    B-cells are polyclonal and T-cells have no loss of T-cell antigens. There is no flow
    immunophenotypic evidence of a B- or T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder. Hodgkin lymphoma,
    some large cell lymphomas, and non-hematopoietic tumors cannot be excluded by flow cytometry.
    Correlation with morphology, clinical history and other diagnostic information is recommended.

    Flow Differential (%) and Population Analysis:
    Lymphocytes: 93.2%
    T-cells (66% of lymphoid cells) show a CD4/CD8 ratio of about 3.8 without overt phenotypic
    abnormality. NK-cells (2% of lymphoid cells) are unremarkable. Mature B-cells (30% of lymphoid
    cells) are polyclonal (kappa:lambda 1.6).

    Granulocytes: 5.9%
    Granulocytes are phenotypically mature and without aberrant antigen expression.

    Specimen Viability: 97.3%
    Cell Yield: 0.2 Million

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    Hello Owl3,

    First: No one here is a doctor. This is a forum for cancer patients.

    What is "freaking you out"? What were the indications for the biopsy?

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    Sigh. This is why these reports shouldn't be given to patients without some comment or explanation from the doctor. Nonmedical people have no way of determining whether language like that is good news or bad news.

    Reading what's there I don't see anything particularly alarming, based on my utter lack of knowledge. The thing is to catch all the negative statements in there. There's some funky grammar going on, but beyond that, I don't really see anything to get too worked up about. Just stay calm till you find out why the nurse called.

    I swear to God an ER nurse once called me at 11 p.m., after I'd left my sister for observation overnight. I called back in a panic and she said "Just wanted to see if you needed anything else."

    The end of the report says they should compare your results to whatever other info they have about you. Presumably they'll do that.


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