I was diagnosed with stage 3b gallbladder cancer September 20th when I was getting screened to donate a kidney to my husband. No symptoms prior to diagnosis, gallbladder was removed due to widening of the lining but pathology report showed the reason why. I am scheduled to begin a 6 month course of chemo, I meet for a consultation today with local oncologist who will administer under the direction of my doctor at the University of Minnesota. We live 250 miles north.

CT scan shows nothing so far. I don't know what heading my cancer goes under, but my main questions have to deal with how will I know what I am feeling is the cancer and not normal aches and pains? I know the prognosis for this cancer is very poor with 5% survival but I sure would like to know of anyone going through this too. I just wish I knew more what to expect to feel.

Thank you