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Thread: Basal Cell Carcinoma Biopsy Result question

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    Basal Cell Carcinoma Biopsy Result question

    I received results from a skin shave biopsy today. The results were positive for basal cell carcinoma. The results said “biopsy edges and base uninvolved”. I interpreted this to mean the entire malignant pieces were removed with the biopsy. But the office called and said it is still there and a excision needs to be done. Is there anyway to know if it has truly spread further? I’ve also been set up for an ultrasound due to a nodule on my thyroid. Is there anyway those are related. I’m struggling with all this news coming at me at once.

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    In the cancer world, a basal cell carcinoma is the very epitome of no big deal. I had one a couple years ago and they didn't bother taking out the margins, as they said there's a 50% chance of it never coming back anyway. Now I think it's back, so I'll mosey along to a dermatologist when I feel like it.

    Sometimes they take out the margins, sometimes they wait and see. It's not clear from what you say which they're doing in your case, so just call back for clarification.

    I don't see any way it might be related to the nodule on your thyroid. Thyroid nodules are usually benign. Should yours turn out to be cancer, there aren't many cancers with a better prognosis than thyroid cancer.

    You are on easy street; don't fret.


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