Welcome to the Worried About Cancer Forum.

This is the forum to post in if you may be worried that you have cancer. If you have posted elsewhere and find that your post is moved here it is because you can only post in a specific cancer forum if you or a loved one have a diagnosis.

First a word about Cancer forums. Our mission is to provide support to people with cancer and their loved ones. We do this through our shared experiences in our journeys following cancer diagnosis. Most of us came here after our diagnosis, very few have stayed after posting to this forum. That is a ray of hope for all of you.

We do not diagnose cancer as we simply cannot do that. Therefore the only advice you will get is to follow up with your doctor. You can ask a few questions regarding the diagnostic process as we have all been through that, but you must avoid posting continually asking questions we cannot answer. If that happens your thread will be closed.

Having your thread closed does not mean you are being punished. It also does not mean we are angry with you. It only means that we have done all we can for you and we are simply trying to help you from being overwhelmed with anxiety. If at a future date you do end up with a cancer diagnosis then you can start a new thread in the specific forum for your cancer.

The other thing to avoid is googling your symptoms on the 'net. Doing so will only increase your anxiety as google always points to the worst possible outcomes. Never mistake your random readings on the internet with the doctors medical degree for that is the way to anxiety and can alienate your doctor. Have faith that the doctor knows what he or she is doing and if that faith is lacking then seek a second opinion.

Please avoid getting angry at moderators if they close your thread down. We are all volunteers here and we are doing what we feel is in your best interests. Ranting at moderators is against our policy and if you do this you could be banned without notice.

We understand that you are worried about your future. We have all been there and know how this feels but please be patient and let the doctors do the diagnosing and try to distract yourself as best you can while testing is ongoing. Very few cancers are a medical emergency so you do have time, in other words do not panic!

Please read our policies before posting and also read the stuck threads on this forum especially the ones that may apply to you. These contain important information you should be aware of. The link to our core policies is below and you should read it before posting.

Thank you from the Cancer Forums team!