I am lost. My mum was diagnosed with a stage 3 throat cancer this year. She had a rough journey with radio and chemo and my family and I literally carried her through, taking her to all the appointments because she was too weak, taking time off work to take her flowers, everything we could think of to try to bring her any comfort. Thankfully last month we got the wonderful news that she is in remission. The day beforehand my sister was with her and found her buying cigarettes. We all understood that she was scared and convinced she still had cancer so we were very gentle. But today, on Christmas Day, I found her smoking again. I totally understand that itís a highly addictive drug - but she hasnít smoked for 6 months so I donít think she can be physically addicted now. I also understand that it is ultimately her choice, but she gets upset when I say I donít want to be around her when if this is the choice she is going to make. While it is her choice, it seems like such a selfish one because it is really effecting the rest of her family. I dont believe this is the only time she has smoked because I have smelt smoke on her clothes before. I just donít know what to do. I donít judge her for smoking, but I deeply resent her giving up her health, and in doing so effectively meaning we will have to all care for her. Am I totally missing the point here? I donít know what to do