There was a question that I saw on this site that prompted my registering. It looked like the person who logged it has breast cancer that spread to the sternum. You had asked if survival removal of the cancer from the sternum is an option, likelyhood our event a good choice?
Here's what I got, I had stage 4 cervical cancer and has spread to my sternum so the extensive damage extensive pain. The doctors opted out of surgery and decided right away to start chemotherapy and radiation therapy to shrink the tumor and that works for me. Everybody's different and really all depends on what cell type of cancer you have how bad it is and whether or not they think it will spread with contact to air so. From what I understand every person is different you and your Dr have to talk about your treatment and what you want for it and what's good for you they're working to save your life and you have everything to say about it don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions you're supposed to ask all the questions you can think of right a list also Google everything every time you think of something that you want to know Google it and write it down what you find out information is key good luck to you I just wanted one more thing I'm in Louisiana and I go to Willis nighton Cancer Center La Hearne Avenue exit they're Dr are the best in their field dr. McDonald for chemo therapy dr. Rosen for radiation therapy you can't find better Dr good luck to you and I hope that your treatments get rid of your cancer like they did mine I hope this helps