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Thread: Opdivo (Nivolumab) for HCC Liver Cancer

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    Unhappy Opdivo (Nivolumab) for HCC Liver Cancer

    Looking for input and experiences from any of you who have been or are being treated with Opdivo for HCC Liver Cancer. After 3 years of successful treatments (TACE, CyberKnife, Y90 and Albation), new tumors have developed in the liver and my husband's Oncologist feels that he should not have more treatments because the liver has been damaged. She wants to begin Opdivo but we have researched and the side effects are very scary. We are hoping some of you out there can tell us of your experiences with Opdivo Treatments so that we can try to make a well informed decision. It's very scary! Thanks for any input. Have a great day!

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    Just checking in to see how your husband is doing with the Opdivo. My dad just started it after finding that Nexavar hasnít done much to stop new Mets (primarily in bones). His Y90 treatment in November was great and liver looks better, but bone Mets and possible Mets to lungs are very concerning. I have my fingers crossed this will slow things down. His attitude is unparalleled and amazing, he tolerated Nexavar well, and is still doing great. I just donít know about the response rate for Opdivo, and would love to hear othersí experiences with it.


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