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Thread: Worried about my 17 yo daughter's [email protected] neck

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    Worried about my 17 yo daughter's [email protected] neck

    Hi Everyone,
    I hope anyone can help me understand the result of the FNA:
    Clinical Indications:
    Neck lump for FNA

    Preliminary ultrasound study shows 7mm complex cystic lump right
    lateral neck subcutaneous tissues now this has poorly defined on the
    margin and is to be within the skin tissues.
    It is shown to move independent of the deep fascia and muscles.

    Using ultrasound post 23-gauge needle into this lesion. These 2
    separate punctures of one sentence the site of fracture and the other
    on a slide. Both samples show minimal cellular material.

    I suspect this is a subcutaneous lesion most likely a sebaceous cyst
    with a simple resection may be most appropriate if there is no
    diagnostic material on this fine needle aspirate.

    FNA of complex subcutaneous lesion right lateral neck

    Her Dr refer her for incision biopsy. I'm so sick worried...
    Please help!


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    I'm not a medical doctor, but it sounds like your daughter has a small cyst on her neck. They're recommending to cut it out (resection) and test it for anything bad. Many things can cause cysts, and most of them are quite benign.

    I'm sure you're concerned, but you are posting in a cancer forum. You're daughter had her lump tested, and they're not suspecting anything serious, but they're going to be on the safe side. Every little lump is not cancer, and we say on this forum, "it's NOT cancer until a doctor tells you so." Should you ever need to be here in the future, we're here for you.
    Age 52 Male
    early Feb, 2013 - Noticed almond-sized lump in shaving area, right side of neck. No other "classic" cancer symptoms
    late Feb, 2013 - Visited PCP for check-up, PCP advised as lymphoma. Did blood work, orders for CT-scan, referred to ENT
    3/7/13 - CT-scan inconclusive, endoscopy negative
    3/9/13 - FNA of neck mass
    3/14/13 - Received dx of squamous-cell carcinoma, unknown primary
    3/25/13 - CT-PET scan reveals no other active tumors
    3/26/13 - work/up for IMRT
    4/1/13 - W1, D1 of weekly cetuximab
    4/8/13 - W1, D1 of IMRT
    5/20/13 - complete 8 week regimen of weekly cetuximab
    5/24/13 - Complete 35-day regimen of daily IMRT
    mid-July 2013 - CT-PET scan reveals no active tumors, but shows necrotic tissue at site of original tumor
    early Sept 2013 - partial neck dissection to remove necrotic tissue. Assay shows no cancer present.
    Spring 2014 - No signs of cancer
    Spring 2015 - NED
    Spring 2016 - NED
    Spring 2017 - NED
    Spring 2018 - NED
    Spring 2019 - NED


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