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Thread: Anyone Else Got A Sarcomatoid Carcinoma

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    Anyone Else Got A Sarcomatoid Carcinoma

    Hi! My name is Dan, I am also known as PeeWeeToms, don’t ask why lol.

    I have what’s known as a Sarcomatoid Carcinoma, or Carcinosarcoma. I believe it is a mixture of cancers all in one. Sucks to be me!

    For all intensive purposes it is killing me, I have no control over this and neither do doctors at present as there seems to be no way to control it apart from surgery, but I have severe metastasis.

    I am looking to find out if there is anyone else with this, or anyone else with anything close. I write a blog PeeWeeToms and A Vlog under the same name. But I am trying to get exposure for it!

    I am seriously sick but try not to show it as much as I can, I also always put on a brave face.
    Anyways, I am babbling. I have had numerous recurrences and also had surgery last week to remove a sizable sarcoma from my left side, I am also going to need further surgery in the coming weeks.

    But, I want to find others with this, mainly to have a coffee and find out more from them. I am not fussed where in the world they are, I just want to find others. I am aware of only 16 cases of what I have. One died last September which was a blow to me learning.

    I have already outlived the expectation of 4 – 8 months by almost 3 years now, I don’t intend to give up yet!
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    I am Dan, I Have Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. Suck to be me, but if you want to follow my progress check out peeweetoms.com or my vlog on YouTube just search PeeWeeToms.


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