The last few days now, I've woken up around 1-2am with this strange sensation of wanting to pee, a mild tightness possibly down there, however it's still not strong enough to actually make me go pee. That's because I know that my bladder is never actually full at this point. I empty my bladder before bed obviously. For me, I can hold upto around 700ml until I really feel the urge to go.

However the odd thing is that I'll fall back to sleep only to wake up again around 4-5am with that urge still present. But then if I just lie in bed or use my phone or whatever it seems to disappear more or less, within minutes. It's literally just present when it wakes me up.

So I guess I'm trying to work out is why I'm waking up in the first place like this? Has been going on like this on and off for the past few months now.