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Thread: Primary Splenic DLBCL Stage 1 Treatment Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benz View Post
    Thanks for the link Benz, found it interesting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kermica View Post
    That said, I think it is important to remember the core goal which is to stay alive.
    I personally share Kermica view on this...long time effects can/will be a pain, but it that is the price to pay to be alive for another few/lots years than so be it.
    I will take whatever they want to give at the moment and deal with consequences when/if they come out way.

    Mind me asking, why not doing another(s) cycle of RCHOP ? was it the cardiac issue you mentioned ?

    Good luck Benz.
    Nov/17 : Wife 36y diagnosed DLBC NHL in the Breast ( Stage 1AE )
    Nov/17 : Started 6 x RCHOP 21 ( finished Mar 2018 )
    Apr/18 : PET/CT early April confirmed in Complete Metabolic Response
    On to 15x Radiation ( total of 30Gys )
    May/18: Rads done....waiting for the 3x MTx

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    Thanks for the thoughts guys. I couldn't agree more late effects may be a problem but really what matters is that we stay alive.
    Po I actually had my spleen out within a month of tumour diagnosis, it was then analysed in detail and defines as Splenic DLBCL Stage 1. Thankfully it was fully contained within the spleen so I was very lucky.
    Funny you should all mention about extra R-CHOP as I asked if it was possible to do more despite the long gap between the last round and any prospective additional ones - he said we can do it but get the RT out of the way first.
    Jotey, no the original plan was for 3 rounds + RT but I did have a MI day 6 after round 2. Turned out this was due to a huge build up of white cells after the Neulasta injection, day 4. They blocked one of 2 stents I had inserted in 2012. So that was an extra bit of drama. My count was 71.3 - normal is around 3.5 - 10 x10*9/l
    Needless to say I had a EKG to check E Fraction after and all OK and did not have the Neulasta on round 3 and all OK.
    Good luck and may we all get really old and have lots of fun during the journey.


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