My Husband was diagnosed with Primary HCC Liver Cancer Sept 2017.
He also has Stage 4 cardiomyopathy, and until 4 weeks ago was on 20 meds a day for his heart.
He is Palliative and we have nurses coming in daily as well as some PSW help for bathing.
He has the pain pump with strong Dilaudid running through 24/7
Just recently, last 7 days has been very constipated( from pain med), and after giving him 2 senokot and stool softener and no results , gave him a suppository, nothing, enema at home, nothing. Dr had him taken by ambulance to hospital for X-ray to see if there was a blockage and it didnít seem there was so gave him a large soap sud enema and still nothing.
He is dehydrated as well.
My worries are that the toxins are running through his body and if he tries to drink he wretches terribly.
This is so hard to watch.
Blood in his urine.
He is kept comfortable with his pain pump but very worried what is next.
Has anybody else had any experiences with this?
The tumor is very large and because of his serious heart problem was given no options for the liver. Just turned 69.
He was taken off all Heart meds 4 weeks ago.