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Thread: Stage IV Melanoma with large liver met.

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    Stage IV Melanoma with large liver met.

    Hi all - A dear relative of mine was diagnosed with melanoma 15+ years ago - it was Stage I at the time, I think, because she had no further treatment after it was removed. She was very recently diagnosed with a metastasis to her liver after she went to the ER in pain. It is 11 cm (not mm) - and not surgically resectable - she has a couple of lymph nodes involved in two different places as well. Biopsy confirmed that it is melanoma and not primary liver cancer. She just had her first infusion of Keytruda. I'm wondering if anyone has had good results with Keytruda on a liver met of this size? I've been reading many threads where people have multiple mets, but haven't seen much discussion about treatment of a single large metastasis. She's still waiting to hear about BRAF and other mutation status.

    Thanks for any info!

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    Hi Splash,

    I am sorry to hear about your relative. My own melanoma was stage I mucosal and I have not had personal experience with more advanced or metastatic melanoma myself. But I have been a member of several melanoma forums since 2013 and I have the same two strong recommendations to make to anyone with more advanced melanoma. First, the field of melanoma research and treatment changes rapidly and it is extremely important to seek out treatment at a major cancer center where there are actual melanoma specialists who can make up-to-date recommendations based on the latest advances in treatment. Second I recommend the Melanoma Research Foundation web site for its list of major treatment centers. There is also is a forum there where the majority seem to be patients with more advanced stages of melanoma, discussing the various treatment options, their experiences, and so on. This forum is a wonderful place for moral support too, and I think it is wonderful you are researching on behalf of your relative!

    Good luck to you!

    Vulvar mucosal melanoma, superficial spreading type, stage I-II, depth 1 mm with regression
    Radical right-sided hemivulvectomy, clitorectomy and bilateral sentinel lymph node biopsies, May 2013, lymph nodes clear
    PET CT, NED, July 2013
    Partial left hemivulvectomy/reconstructive surgery Oct 2013, found melanoma in situ on pathology, out to margins
    November/January - Underwent 9 vulvar biopsies to try to locate the MIS for surgical excision, unsuccessful
    May 2014 - Third vulvectomy/second left hemivulvectomy for wide local excision of MIS, MIS not identified on pathology
    PET CT, still NED, June 2015
    PET CT, NED, June 2016
    No sign of recurrence, January 2019

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    Thank you so much for the info and for the kind words! I'll check out the website!


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