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Thread: Headaches on left side of head

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    Headaches on left side of head

    Thanks for reading. I have had headaches on the left side of my head for about 3 months now. They are mostly dull headaches and they come and go throughout the day. Some days I don't even have any headaches, but I may feel a dull ache on the left side which only lasts a few seconds. The headaches are not worse in the morning. What worries me is that they are localized. I don't have any other symptoms characteristic of a brain tumor, but I was wondering if anyone here or anyone you know was diagnosed with a brain tumor just from having localized headaches. I did fall and hit my head on a table a little before the headaches started...but I didn't think that would cause headaches for an extended amount of time. Anyway, I did talk to the doctor who said it sounds muscular, but that if I want I can get an MRI to help figure it out. Any thoughts on this? Thanks again for your time.


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    Hi Angela,

    The only way to diagnose you is for you to see a doctor and go from there. Did this doctor give you a physical examination of any kind? Brain Cancer cannot be diagnosed simply by looking at symptons. An MRI is a great way to proceed.

    My mother and I had brain cancer. Niether one of us ever experienced any headaches. I have heard of only a few people where that was the primary symptom and none where it was the only symptom.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated.
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    Thanks for responding Jim. The doctor did a quick examination of my head and looked at my eyes and asked me some questions. I was seeing the doctor for an unrelated reason, and I just decided to tell her about the headaches at the same time. She didn't seem too concerned, but suggested the MRI as a starting point to figure out why I would be getting headaches. I think for my own peace of mind it would be a good idea to get one. Thanks again for your post...I appreciate it!


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