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Thread: Sister diagnosed with stage 3? liver cancer

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    Sister diagnosed with stage 3? liver cancer

    My sister has been diagnosed with stage 3 liver cancer. This is according to her husband who does not seem to care enough to pay attention to doctors. She had a port put in to receive chemo but it did not successfully work for her first treatment last week. The chemo drug leaked into her tissue and she is now in extreme pain. I have not been able to receive an answer from husband as to why they chose to put a port in and not administer chemo by IV. Does anyone have some info?

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    Hello, Harper--I'm sorry to hear about your sister, and I hope she will be able to resume her treatments soon.

    Can you clarify--she received a port, but they did or did NOT use that to administer her chemo? By function, a port is an intravenous device used to administer drugs, such as chemotherapies. Once a port is inserted, it should usually be in place for about a week before the first chemo treatment is administered. The "leak" you described is often seen more with IVs than with ports.

    If a patient is expected to require multiple and numerous treatments, a port is sometimes more convenient for both the patients and medical personnel, than to insert an IV in an arm on every visit. I chose not to have a port inserted during my treatments, and at one point, became very dehydrated. It became VERY difficult for the nurses to insert an IV for treatment, as my veins had receded from the surface of my skin. It was very difficult, AND painful to receive treatment that week.

    You might consider asking your brother in-law if he could use an extra hand during your sister's visits to the doctor or treatments--then, you might be able to advocate for your sister better. Your brother in-law may feel overwhelmed, or simply not up to the task of retaining important information or asking questions.

    I wish you and your sister well.
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