Hello All,

Sorry for long post but needed your help please !!

We are dealing with a major blow with regards to my dad health. Currently, he is been diagnose of cancer ( either Metastatic RCC or Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma) it is present in left kidney, adrenal, lymph nodes, liver and diaphragm which was found by CT Scan + PET scan early this month.

The unbelievable part of his case is he had gone abdomen sonography in Oct’17, Nov’17 & Jan’18 and was clear and no sign of tumour /lesion in the liver, kidney elsewhere accept one renal/kidney stone.

Sonography was performed due to his abdomen pain he is having which is not frequent and comes and goes.

He has been given palliative chemotherapy which was started 03/19 and is not going good with his health due to its side effects.

So my questions/concerned is, can a person go from being relatively healthy to having cancer (Stage 4 Metastatic) in mere 60 days, it is very hard for us to accept this fact and has been major turn down to my dad.

Can anyone please help advice and share their learnings?

Good to know info:
Dad was on vacation where he got infection and had diarrhea and server weakness for a week and was normal thereafter, onset of abdomen from this very day and his colonoscopy was conducted which was clear.
His biopsy performed (renal, adrenal) unable to confirmed type of cancer and findings were necrotic cells & occasional viable cells of HMWCK and Gata3

Thank You!!