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    Moved from Pancreatic Cancer Forum

    Can someone please tell me the best treatment options for stomach cancer in stage 4? My uncle is having stomach cancer and the stage is 4. He is 63 years old. The doctors from 2 hospitals have prescribed the pacliwel and carboplatin. Are these good treatments options? Also how many chemo treatments are needed in stage 4 stomach cancer?
    Appreciate your help.

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    Treatments for pancreatic cancer and for stomach cancer are not the same. I'll move your question to the stomach forum. Hopefully, someone will answer your question.

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    1/12/2016 No symptoms except ongoing fatigue; blood test revealed elevated liver enzymes
    1/18/2016 Liver ultrasound, then MRI confirmed enlarged bile duct
    1/21/2016 ERCP and placement of a temporary stent
    1/28/2016 CT-Scan showed a lesion on the head of pancreas
    2/09/2016 2nd ERCP + EUS + FNA
    2/12/2016 DX Borderline resectable pancreas ductal adenocarcinoma - Stage 3 @ 61
    2/24/2016 FOLFIRINOX 3 cycles (6 infusions)
    5/12/2016 CYBER-KNIFE Stereotactic Radiation 3 sessions
    6/16/2016 WHIPPLE + portal vein and right hepatic artery reconstructions - 0/19 nodes pos - no mets. Restaged to 1A
    8/31/2016 FOLFOX for 3 cycles (6 infusions)
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