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Thread: seeking advice on behalf of my mother, terminal breat cancer

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    seeking advice on behalf of my mother, terminal breat cancer

    Hello cancerforums,
    Please excuse any mistakes in language as I am not a native speaker:
    I am currently in China with my mother (62 y/o) who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, because of the language barrier (as I am not fluent in Chinese) I can’t give specifics but the breast cancer spread to organs such as liver, kidney and bones (femur, hip bone). To cut a long story short: chemotherapy and conventional medicine can’t help her anymore (that is what i was told).
    This is why the last resort of my family was to take her out of the hospital and try a method of fasting and vitamins “prescribed by a miracle healer”. My take on it is that it doesn’t and will not work and that we have to get her back to the hospital as soon as possible because her bones which are affected by the cancer began to hurt some days ago. I read up on it and it seems to be quite common to experience this pain with her diagnosis but pain killers should be able to relieve said pain. My mother trusts in this miracle healer and doesn’t want to return to the hospital because he advised her not to because the hospital “would ruin the results of the fasting” with pain killers.

    So I guess I would just like to have any input on the situation and possibly answers to some questions I have:
    Is it possible to see whether the cancer shrank just via blood tests (That’s the only thing we have access to in our village)?
    Is it dangerous to not have her in the hospital because I read that the bone will weaken because of the cancer (because of possible fractures)?
    Is it possible for ANY fast to do something against cancer?

    I apologize for the wall of text, thank you for reading and any input on the situation.

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    I am sorry to hear of your Mother's diagnosis chun89. We are a science based, proven methods formatted forum and do not engage in conversation related to so called "healers" using what we consider quackery.

    In an attempt to at least answer some of your questions, no, blood tests can not determine is the cancer or tumors have shrunk. Only imaging and can provide those answers. Will her bones weaken, the answer is sadly yes if the tumors are encasing themselves within the bones. Does fasting work?, no it does not.

    Now, as you have written, your Mom has no desire to return to the hospital and is comfortable with this supposed "miracle healer". While you may not agree with her decision, it is her decision to make. It must be hard for you so the only thing you can do is to be there for her.

    Good luck to you and your Mom.

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    thank you very much lisa1962 for your answer and i appreciate the approach of this forum very much because i dont believe this quack as well.

    it is already immensely helpful that you gave the answers to the questions i had. thank you again.


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