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Thread: Recurrent Breast Cancer

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    Recurrent Breast Cancer

    I am worried about a friend. She is a 5 year survivor of stage 4 breast cancer ( in one breast) she had only that one removed. She showed me yesterday an area that looks like a bruise ( a red/ purple , quite a large area). Its just above her scar from her mastectomy. ( she did not get reconstructive surgery) it has just appeared in the last week she said. She has not had a checkup in 2 years she told me because of the cost. Could this be the cancer coming back? She asked a pharmacist about it and showed him it and he said if its not gone in a week she should go to the dr. Is this a common thing or should i try and get her to go asap to be seen?

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    I would recommend you to see the doctor immediately though. The same thing has happened to my aunt we went to the doctors asap to have her checked, they took another biopsy and we're currently waiting for the results. We're thinking of going to try the Immunotherapy for her, hopefully your friend gets well soon!
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