For approx. 3 months, I have had severe right flank pain. Finally went to see the doctor and had an ultrasound and bloodwork. This was done in March. The ultrasound report revealed no kidney stones and nothing on liver. HOwever a uterine cyst is present and I have gallstones which the doctor does not believe is contributing to the pain.

Still experiencing pain, I went for a CT a couple weeks ago. Kidneys still show no stones, however, liver shows 2 lesions present. 1 is 3.9 cm and the other is 1.5 cm. Not sure how this was not picked up on ultraound done 1 month prior!! CT indicates these lesions are indeterminant. Also suggests that prominent subcentimeter lymph nodes are seen.

Dr. Expressed concerned about the rapid appearance and size. However not scheduled for ultrasound for a couple weeks.
Thanks for any thoughts...