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Thread: Utrerus Cancer

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    Cool Utrerus Cancer

    Hi to all,

    Ok so it on 04/27/18 I had a biopsy of the uterus done and now the Dr. say I have cancer there. I'm a Christian an I know that God is a healer, no doubt. Just wanted to come and hear what others are saying and how they went through. I have not seen an oncologist yet, prayerfully I'll see one next week. Even though I'm a Kingdom Chic I would be lying to say that this don't play out in my mind daily. But I try my best to assure myself that this is well. My test results say FIGO grade II, focal. Not real sure what that mean but I'm trusting God dot this!

    Feel free to give feed back!

    Your sister Kingdom Chic

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    Hang in there. As we say at my house: When you know more, you will know more. Which of course also means that until you know more, you don't know enough to know what to think about things.

    You will meet with your oncologist, and you will learn about the treatment options, and you will take things from there. The best advice I was ever given, was that one day not as far in the future as it seems right now, all of this will just be part of your medical history.

    Sending warm thoughts your way.
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