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Thread: 3cm Lymphnode in Periparotid region + thyroid nodules very scared

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    3cm Lymphnode in Periparotid region + thyroid nodules very scared

    Iím a 31 yr. female, two young kiddos. I have chronic allergies, ear popping and post nasal drip for years so I never gAve those symptoms much thought. . Until now. I recently had to have my thyroid ultrasound and asked for a prominent spot on my upper neck to be checked. I have a multi-nodule goiter and one is pretty large so they want to biopsy a few nodes to be sure they are ok. The report says Ďnone of the above nodules demonstrate microcalcifications or increased vaacularityí. 3 small calcified lymphnodes are present in the neck but seem to indicate being that way from a prior infection versus a merltetastic disease.

    Aside from that - I was correct and I do have a large node in my upper neck in the Ďparotid regioní - 3cm Ďhypoechoic Solid lesion with hyperechoic central region suggestive of an enlarged lymphnodeí - further evaluation with CT is advised. This node is what scares me the most. In my age group there isnít much the shows up and what Iíve seen is pretty aggressive.

    I noticed some tenderness in my jaw on that side off and on from about 5 months ago as I was hit with two back to back sinus infection type illnesses. But I wouldnít think it could be and stay enlarged to that size.

    I know no one is a doctor on here but google is only showing worst possible outcomes. If anyone has experienced anything similar and could offer feedback I would appreciate it. A rare head and neck cancer is all I can think about and those seem very grim. 3cm is very large and now in the last few days Iíve been thinking of the neck, back and leg pain I get. I have pain and popping in my right shoulder off and on for a few months. My neck pops a lot and I have a crackly sound at the top of my neck and base of my head when I turn it. (Iíve had this for a long time but of course Iím now thinking itís all connected) And I have constant ear popping, some achiness in both ears off and on, and off and on postnasal drip for a couple months which Iíve alwaya attributed to my chronic sinus and allergy issues. I canít eat because of my nerves, Iím aching and I have post nasal drip (again, right now) I feel so worried so if you read this :/ thanks!

    (Also wanted to add that I have had pain in my lower right side off and on - it started in January- I thought it was my gallbladder so went to the emergency room. They did an abdominal CT, andultrasound on gallbladder, and bloodwork and all was normal and clear. I know thatís all separate from my neck issues but Iím hoping maybe it helps me to know if something has spread drastically it would have shown then?)
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    Sorry your worry has brought you here and yes, you are correct, we can not even begin to guess and cannot. That is left up to a medically trained professional.

    You also know that Googling symptoms is a bad idea. Google can convince just about anyone they are seriously ill. Remember, Google has no medical degree. Most of us will agree there is some value in researching via the internet once, and only once, an actual diagnosis has been made.

    You have an extensive history of allergies. Allergies can and do wreak havoc on oneís immune system. Our lymph nodes rise and shrink, sometimes never returning to a normal size. They are doing their job.

    Nothing in your post suggests a concern of Lymphoma or other type of cancers but again, not medically qualified. Make an appointment, follow through with the CT scan and go from there.

    At the top of our Worried Forum are some ďstickyĒ threads which may be helpful to read. Stay calm, speak with your doctor and do not jump to the extreme in thinking it must be cancer. It is not cancer until pathology proves otherwise.

    Good luck to you and keep us posted after you visit with your doctor.

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    Thank you for your reply. I try very hard to stay away from google but last night I was very weak and scared. I cannot sleep and Iím worried about my babies and husband.

    The problem with my severe health anxiety is that I canít seem to rationalize or picture any possible, good outcome. I just needed a place to vent these fears because it feels very real this time.

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    Understandable but do not Google. If you have a history of severe health anxiety, you must address that first as that is driving you to believe the worst and driving unhealthy thinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisa1962 View Post
    Understandable but do not Google. If you have a history of severe health anxiety, you must address that first as that is driving you to believe the worst and driving unhealthy thinking.
    You are right - itís a very unhealthy thought process I just havenít ever been able to shake it. But I appreciate your reply. I am under the impression that 3cm is very large and cause for concern in a lymph node and especially in that region of the neck so I guess thatís why this feels so concerning and real to me and why I wanted to post here in case anyone had a similar experience.

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    You are a young mom. That alone produces worry. Should it? That is arguable, but the answer is: No! But we are weak and we worry. Google is a mortician and not a doctor. Would you stop by the funeral home just to see what was happening? Of course not! Do not go there. One thing I noticed is that you tend to lump every single symptom that you experience into an aggregate assumption that cancer must somehow be involved.

    Not at all. Far from it, in fact. Nodules are very common. Thyroid, lung and elsewhere, nodules are a human condition. They are nodules and not tumors. Aches, pains, allergies, infections. All connected, and all produce an immune response and potential lymph node enlargement. Good! Without a functioning immune system, you would be doomed!

    You are a worrier. You might try this: get a spiral notebook. Each day and throughout the day, write a your worries in it, like a journal. Once a week or so, go back through that journal and cross off the worries that never came to pass. I would bet that you cross all, or nearly all, of your worries off. What does this do? Why do it?

    It empowers you to see physical rather than just mental evidence of worry. It shows that you have power over the worries and that the worries are not fact. It turns negative energy into positive action. It graphically demonstrates that worry is useless and even destructive. Those around you know that you are worrying - you cannot hide it from them.

    If you have any type of anxiety - and 1 in 5 today do suffer from it - then action against it will help both you and those you love. There are drugs available, but they have their own limitations and problems. There is also Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which teaches you how not to worry. Imagine that! It is worth looking into, as you deserve to live in peace with those two little blessings running around your house.
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