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My heart goes out to you. Personally, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer metastasized to the liver in July 2016. My CEA markers were 84 My CEA markers dropped to 34 within 1 month & down to 3.4 in 2 months - a miracle. My protocol was as follows:
1. God - a ton of prayer, watched a lot of TV programs about God's supernatural healing power, stayed positive at all times.
2. Immediately after my diagnosis, I began taking a natural remedy which I had read about (Concentrated flax hull lignans) - 1 scoop per day. If you like I can send you info.
3. Two weeks after diagnosis, I started chemo & ran through 2 cycles -about 6 months. I continued taking the flax hull lignans & added another product "Graviola Tea" which did wonders for chemo symptoms.
By the second month after diagnosis, my CEA markers dropped to 3.4 & have remained in that range til this day. No surgery was needed. I am still on an Avastin preventive treatment every 2 weeks but feel great & am thanking God every day. My uncologist says it is remarkable.
I can't say for sure, which of these items in my protocol did the most good; but I feel that God led me to these two natural remedies & they were instrumental in my remarkable turnaround.
God bless. I'm here to help in any way I can.


Rick, Thanks for posting and I am glad to hear of your progress. We all need something to get us through treatment and to help us try try to see a way forward. For me it was wanting to get on my horses again, for you it was your faith and I am pleased that it helped you. My wife is a Licensed Lay Reader but I have to admit that I am not of that persuasion at all but I am happy that there is room in the world for all of us to believe what we wish.

For anyone else reading this I just caution about any added remedies or anything which one might be tempted to take and I suggest that anyone should always get supplements etc checked out by the oncologist because sometimes they can have quite strong contra reactions with the chemo.