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Thread: Keep pushing forward

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    Keep pushing forward

    Five year ago I lost my Mother to a very aggressive Colon Cancer, Last year my only Brother has the same cancer.. I was my mom's primary caregiver along with my dad. This year my Brother has come to live with us to do his chemo..Very hard for our family to watch the ups and downs the chemo does to a person. 3 weeks ago our Dad was diagnosed with primary liver cancer and CHF. The ascites have already started. He was just released from the hospital and I am flying out with my daughter to be with him and close up all his affairs .. I never expected to be the caregiver for my entire family, and I have to be strong for everyone. I really hate cancer.. Just needed somewhere to vent too.. Thanks for listening.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum, sorry to read life is throwing some curved balls your way, the is little I can say to easy your pain and the pressure you will feel, but know we are here to listen and offer advice when we can. Make sure you look after yourself as the carers role is the hardest of all and whilst most of the time you will be strong you will need a release to, people here will understand.

    Sending you strength to help you with these challenging times.
    NHL DLBC aggressive stage 4B advanced
    diagnosed april 09
    after 8 rchop and a couple of delays, in remission
    some long term side effects to manage post treatment
    some blips and investigations on the journey but now
    22nd oct 2014 discharged no more hospital visits

    we are all on a roller coaster ride, riding blind never knowing where the highs and lows are.


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