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Thread: Worried Daughter

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    Worried Daughter

    Hi all,

    So today my 74yr old Father visited an ENT and was told it looks like he has a cancerous growth on his vocal cords. He went for an MRI this afternoon to determine whether it has spread anywhere else but the specialist did say it hadn't spread to his lymph nodes thankfully. Dad has had a hoarse voice for some time now and is an ex heavy smoker, he had been putting off seeing a specialist for a while now due to fear of the C word and now he has been told that's what it appears to be. The specialist said he did feel confident in treating it by the way it looks but obviously needs more testing done so Dad has been put on a priority list to undergo further testing at our local hospital (whatever that testing may be?)

    I am feeling absolutely devastated at this moment and am just needing to hear from people who have been through this experience and what to expect? Hearing some positive outcomes would be nice too so I can pass them on to my Dad. I'm doing my best to try and keep him positive but I can tell he's understandably having a really hard time with that right now.

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    Hi, Kristy--

    Welcome to the forum...I'm glad you're here, though for unfortunate circumstances. Furthermore, I'm glad your father is seeing some doctors that can help him.

    Your father is in the "work-up" phase for further diagnostics. The doctor is running some tests (have they officially pronounced it "cancer" yet?) If they do agree it's cancer based on its looks, the next thing could be a test like a PET-CT scan. This will give them an idea of whether or not there is cancer anywhere else--has it spread?

    It sounds like they don't believe there's lymph node involvement, so that's a good thing. Following the PET scan, and assuming there's no other cancer, they will suggest a treatment. The treatment may involve surgery, radiation, or perhaps chemotherapy. Much will depend on the size of the growth, and if there's any spreading.

    Its challenging to do, but try to be as patient as you can during the tests. The "waiting" following any tests is always the hardest. If possible, a company your father during his visits--both for support, and to take notes for him--be his eyes and ears.

    It sounds like things have been caught early, which is always a good thing. Please come back with any questions or concerns as your father continues through his procedures.

    Best wishes to you and your father.
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