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Thread: Hubby just had surgery for vocal cord cancer

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    Hubby just had surgery for vocal cord cancer

    My 52 year old hubby was diagnosed June 1 of right true vocal cord squamous cell cancer. He went to an ent in may for hoarseness and was initially told it was a granuloma but then started spitting up blood. The doc said he was sure it wasn’t cancer but it was a 5mm mass and wouldn’t resolve so he would remove it. After surgery he came out and told me the frozen path showed cancer and the mass was much larger than he thought. He said he would not remove the rest because it would change his voice and said do seven weeks of radiation. He had a pet scan which showed it had not spread. After talking to others who had done radiation, we decided on a second opinion. He went to Mayo Clinic and they said surgery was the best option although it would mean removing most of the vocal cord. He had surgery eight days ago. They took most of his right cord, and staged him as T1. They told him to take Tylenol which did not touch the pain. Our family doc gave him a script for pain meds after we got home. the first doc said he needs scoped every month for the first year and a pet scan every six months. Mayo says no pet scans at all and a scope every four months. We were wondering what others post op testing schedules are? After researching I read cancer can recur in other parts of the body, the doc at mayo said she will only order a pet scan if the cancer recurs in his throat again.

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    My husband's schedule is a PET 6 months post surgery, then 1 year out. What happens between now and then, will determine the go forward plan. His ENT said he will be more likely to find any recurrance by scoping and feeling his neck at a follow up exam.

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    Radiotherapy treatment for Larangeal Tumor.

    I too am 52 and was diagnosed late 2017, right vocal cord squamous also! the same symptoms as your husband too. I use my voice a lot for work so I opted for radiotherapy. treatment was 6 weeks daily treatments. Treatment finished in April 2018. Still recovering from the radiation burns and there were many months of Hell where I wish I had opted for surgery. I was T2 by the time the treatment was scheduled. The cancer has completely gone and now just visual check ups every 3 months. He should keep an eye on any lumps or changes in the Lymph node area and of course stay positive etc.etc. Good luck, I hope my story helped a little bit.


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