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Thread: My Mom is new to endometrial cancer...Any advice, words of wisdom, or words of hope?

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    My Mom is new to endometrial cancer...Any advice, words of wisdom, or words of hope?

    Hi! My mom is 65 and was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I'm not sure if she'll post herself, so I thought I'd just get a thread rolling for her... She had an ultrasound which showed a thickened endometrial lining, then an inconclusive biospy, then a D&C which revealed that she has Endemetroid Adenocarcinoma. The doctor thinks that the cancer was very much on the surface, so I'm hoping this means her prognosis is excellent! However, we won't know for sure until she receives the results of her recent CAT scan and her hysterectomy (scheduled for late August). So we don't have any staging info yet. Do you have any advice for a cancer newbie? Any words of wisdom or comfort? She is very brave, but anxious. I know she'd appreciate hearing from women who have been in her shoes! Thank you so much in advance and I hope it's ok that I'm posting on her behalf! (Mom, if you're reading this, I hope you're ok with it too!! Love you!!!)

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    Oh LizMarie, I'm sure she would be OK with this!

    She will be brave, and anxious, and so will you. If you are lucky, you will take turns at each of those and be able to support each other well. If you aren't quite so lucky, you will both be anxious at the same time. so stock up on whatever makes the two of you happier - trashy books, chocolate, new ipad games, whatever. It will be tough, but before you know it, this first scary stage will be over.

    I traveled for my surgery and part of my pre-surgery planning included finding extended stay housing near the hospital. That actually worked out very well. Family members who came to support me got rooms down the hall at the same hotel. No one had to cook or clean, and no one was ever underfoot the way they might have been had they all stayed at my place. By the time I returned home, I was clearly starting to mend. If other family members or friends are going to come to help out with your mom, she might think a bit about where the out-of-towners could be stashed, and whether any specific tasks could be assigned to anyone.

    The very best advice I was given, was that one day this would just be part of my medical history. And now that is all that it is. My husband and daughter remember the anxiety and fear a lot more than I do. What I remember is the good care I received from my medical team, and the love that my family surrounded me with.

    Surrounding you and your mom with my love, and wishing both of you all the best,

    Intermediate Risk Endometriod Cancer: Stage 1a Grade 2 some lymphvascular space invasion, DaVinci surgery December 2014, Brachytherapy February 2015


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