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Thread: 6 months. 26 weeks. 188 days. 4512 hours.

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    6 months. 26 weeks. 188 days. 4512 hours.

    Is how long I've been without your beautiful face.

    Truthfully, we lost you weeks before that.
    The change was so rapid and brain metastasis painfully obvious.
    But you were still here.
    We could still touch you.
    Hear you.
    Smell you.
    Now all we have are memories and your belongings.

    The smell on your shirts is starting to fade.
    I don't want to forget the way you smell.
    It was home.

    I miss your voice.
    Some people say they can hear it when they think of you.
    I can't. I desperately wish I could.

    I miss your hugs the most. The way I would collapse into your arms and you would hold me as long as I laid my head on your shoulder.
    The last hug I got from you wasn't the same. You weren't sure what was going on. I was trying hard not to cry and upset you.
    But at least your arms were around me.

    And yet, life moves on.
    We don't cry every day. We find reasons to smile. I tell stories about you.
    Life moves on but the pain never fades.

    I miss you, mom.
    My best friend, my go-to, my number one.
    There won't be a day of my life that I don't.

    I hope you're okay.
    That the end wasn't scary.
    That you didn't feel pain or loneliness or regret.
    That you knew how much we loved you.
    Wake up
    Do good

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    Beautiful and poignant. Thank you for sharing your feelings and strength.

    I have moved this thread to our Memorial Forum.


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