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Thread: father-in-law passed away

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    father-in-law passed away

    My FIL passed away last Monday. Both of his lungs collapsed. The doctor said the grown tumor was pressing his heart that's why he was having trouble breathing. At first one of the doctors said they could try to operate the tumor to prevent it from pressing against his heart. If they do that, he had 2 more months to live, if not, he only had 2 days. A couple of hours later, the doctors found out that it was too dangerous and that my FIL might not make it during the operation. It didn't make any sense to me in the first place because we were told that it was not operable at all 4 mos ago when he was first diagnosed. They gave him false hopes but later on my FIL came to accept the fact and he was ready to go. He gave the biggest smile to all his family and friends. Two days later, he passed. He asked to be buried with his golf outfit and his putter. My husband was so very, very sad at the funeral. This is the second time for me as I've lost my mother to breast cancer 6 yrs ago, also in October. It was a very depressing experience. Cancer is such a horrible thing. I told my husband to just remember the good memories he has with his father. We sometimes do not have to think of how a person died but of how he had lived his life.
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    Oh scaredofit, I am so sorry about your FIL's death. Cancer is terrible! I hope you find comfort in the good memories. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    My condolences on the loss of your father-in-law. It does take time for the bad memories of how our loved ones were lost to go away and make room for the joyful memories of their lives.

    I wish you and your husband peace on this new part of the journey.



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