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Thread: new diagnosis

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    new diagnosis

    I was diagnosed with Ednometrial carcinoma--initially stage 1, in late June. I have had the hysterectomy and just got pathology report. Turned out to be be stage 3 instead, grade 2. into the cervix, but not the lymph nodes. Waiting for appt with medical oncologists and wondering if others out there have had similar diagnoses? I'm sure I will be getting radiation, but they also mention following with chemo? Thanks in advance for any info anyone may have. Lucy

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    Hello Lucy and sorry you have reason to be here.

    While i do not have any real knowledge about your type of cancer and treatment protocol for your type, there may be others who do and will chime in when they are available so check back often.

    I can say that once you meet with the oncology team, they will be able to afford you with many answers. I suggest keeping a notebook, writing down questions as they come to mind and take it with you to the appointment. You will find it becomes a valuable tool to refer back on as you move forward with suggested treatment.


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    Sandydog may be along and could help you with a lot of your concerns. She’s wonderful. I’m pretty sure she had radiation. Not sure about chemo. You have come to a good place! Great people here!
    His fight is over. How brave he was. 47 years of love.


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