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Thread: Update on mother

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    I'm sorry to hear she's having so many problems. Sigh. I hate this disease. She's been on Avastin for quite a long time, I can see where that would definitely be cause for concern.

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    I'm so sorry you are going through this. Life with this nasty creature is not easy or fun, especially when there are unpredicted issues. Life is not a competition and really not much said can make your situation any easier. Keep your head up and take advantage of the days with her. You and your mom are in my thoughts. I hope this is something that will improve for her.

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    This sucks. I free this stage for my husband . Your mom has done remarkable well for her age and diagnosis although that doesnít bring you any peace. Iím sorry. I hope your spouse / partner is being supportive of your caregiving as I know thatís been an inside in the past.

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    taking it literally a day at a time is a good mindset to have. Some days I remember thinking, just make it through today or through this night. I know it is difficult in all fronts to face this horrible illness, please know you all are in thoughts and prayers.
    Hubby with inoperable brainstem glioma. Dx- 8/30/2016. Finished radiation- 10/28/2016. started temodar 5/20/2017- didn't tolerate it. started avastin 6/24/17. Tumor growth (Glioblastoma) avastin stopped 9/22/2017. Hospice started 9/28/2017. Went to heaven- 3/4/2018


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