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    Hello Again,

    I was on here with my son's story in 2015. You have all helped me realize I am not the only one so thank you for that. A brief history..

    2/15 AO Gr 3 Removal followed by 6 weeks radiation and continued Temodar.

    11/15 GBM Gr 4 Steroids given..taken off Temodar..Given 3-6 months to live.

    1/16 Put on Hospice. Spent time making memories,

    7/16 I requested a new MRI as Jim was looking better than I was!! Tumor completely gone!!!!

    12/17 New tumor found..sent to Dana Farber in Boston

    1/18 MRI showed new tumor AO 4....He never had GBM4!!!! Again given 3-6 mo to live. Tumor was large in the frontal lobe with fingers

    2/18 Started on Avastin every two weeks.

    7/18 MRI shows Avastin is cutting off blood supply to tumor. You can hardly see the tumor on the MRI

    I have noticed cognitive decline. Burned food every time he tries to cook. Turns stove on then forgets about it.
    He forgets a lot of things. No emotions. Focusing on one thing. Moving to Myrtle Beach and that's all he can talk about. Literally all he can talk about! I asked Dr. today to explain to me...the Avastin is killing the tumor but is it also killing brain cells? Its hard to ask and get answers when he is sitting there. Will he be on Avastin forever? Any advice is appreciated. It is not easy to take each day as it comes. There is more but I will just leave it with the stress is very high. Thank You

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    Hi jimsmom. What a remarkable story. And what an emotional roller coaster for your family.

    Frontal lobe tumors will often (not always) cause emotional or personality changes, including this flat emotional affect that you're seeing.

    But radiation can also cause damage that doesn't show up till a year or more after treatment. One study of longterm GBM survivors that I read found that all of them had radiation damage, to a greater or lesser extent.

    I have never heard anything about Avastin killing brain cells. While I'm not a medical person, I think much more likely culprits are the radiation, the tumor itself, and perhaps after-effects of surgery.

    Avastin works by preventing the tumor from forming its own blood vessels. The tumor needs to form its own blood vessels in order to grow. For most people, Avastin is continued until it stops working or until it causes a dangerous side effect.

    The danger of stopping Avastin is that in some people there is an "Avastin rebound effect" of explosive tumor growth. This happened to my sister.

    Some people receive Avastin every three weeks instead of every two weeks. My sister was getting it that way toward the end; her NO said really 3 weeks was just as good an interval as 2 weeks but that was 5 years ago and I don't know if it's still believed to be true.

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    Thank you!


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