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Thread: another newbie waiting for oncology appt

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    another newbie waiting for oncology appt

    I had robotic hysterectomy on July 9 2018 and they endometrial cancer. I am waiting for labs and I go to oncologist this Wed.......then I will know more what I have in store. I am finding this forum a good place to be.

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    Glad to know that you find this a good place! Let us know how your visit goes!
    Intermediate Risk Endometriod Cancer: Stage 1a Grade 2 some lymphvascular space invasion, DaVinci surgery December 2014, Brachytherapy February 2015

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    newbie oncologist visit

    Thanks for the welcome. I met with oncologist today and will be have lymph nodes checked Aug 20th. I consider the path report good news. I have 1b adenocarcinoma, endometroid type. Tumor size 2.1 CM, infiltration into myometrial wall depth 1.9CM. angiolymphatic invasion identified. tumor is restricted to endometrial cavity. Pathological stage: pT1cNXMX ?
    I am expecting lymph nodes to be negative and will have radiation.


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